Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Good and Bad

After eating on Christmas day we all sat around and had a nice visit.  I was telling them about all the happenings trying to get lunch made.  Brandon asked if I shared only the good things on the blog and not the stupid things I do.  I told him I share everything, so here we go.
I made a large pan of cheese potatoes and about half way through baking them they started to boil over the side of the pan.  I have a washable oven liner in the bottom of the oven and the butter that was dripping was landing on the liner and then starting to smoke.  I took an old kitchen towel out of the rag bag and put it under the pan to sop up the dripping butter.  At this time I also put the ham and cheese braid in the oven.  I had the braid on a piece of parchment paper and on a cookie sheet, the kind WITHOUT sides, plain old flat cookie sheet.
The braid was in the oven about 3 minutes and the butter that was brushed over the top started to melt, run off the parchment paper and on to the bottom of the oven.  Also the rag towel I put in the bottom of the oven started to burn.  At this point the whole house was smoke filled.  I opened the oven took out the towel and started to throw it in the garbage can and my husband said to throw it in the sink.  Thank goodness I listened;  I ran some water over the towel to put out the small fire.  Then we took the pan of potatoes and put it cookie sheet with sides under it and also did the same for the braid.
I opened the kitchen window, put a small fan in it, we opened the front door and turned on the oven exhaust fan.  It took about 45 minutes to get the smoke out.
The smoke did not have any negative effect on the braid or potatoes and everything was delicious.   So here you have it my smoky Christmas morning.


  1. Do I need to gift you fire equipment?

  2. Did you forget you had put that towel in the hot oven? NOW, everyone knows you do things just like the rest of us, sometimes!!!
    I can just see you running around, calling yourself bad names, waving a magazine, trying to get the smoke out!!!Paula Annne!!!!Praise God the food was saved!!!Just kidding you, proud of you for telling the story!! Love, G.

    1. I didn't forget the towel was in there I just didn't think it would start on fire. Yes I was running around just like you described. The next day in the corner of the kitchen I noticed some cob webs that I had not saw the previous day. The smoke collected on the webs and made them stand out like a sore thumb.