Monday, December 17, 2012

Rag Baskets, Rag Bags

This last week I've been keeping myself busy making rag bags and rag baskets.  It has kept me busy and is helping me rehab my left hand.  Tomorrow I go back to therapy so I will see how much progress I've made.
I taught myself to crochet almost a year ago by watching YouTube videos.  The reason I wanted to learn was I wanted to learn how to make rag rugs like my grandmother made.  I can't read patterns and have no idea what stitches I make are called, I just crochet.   I made about 18 rugs and gave some away, sold some and use several.  After seeing some pictures on some blogs of rag baskets I liked them and decide to make some.  As you can see below I have made 11 so far and am almost done with number 12.  I am almost out of rags that are ready to be crocheted so will need to get out the stuff I have washed and start cutting some more.  I have several loads of old linens to wash to use and will wash some tomorrow so I can hang them out to dry.

Baskets/bags made using recycled clothes and linens.  I used some old buttons and crocheted items I had to embellish them.

More baskets/bags made using recycled items.

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