Saturday, December 1, 2012

Snow Shoes for Towel Holders

Yesterday I told you about going to Canada every summer for many years.  There were many islands on the lakes we fished and I liked to get out of the boat and explore.  On our trip in the summer of 1996 when I was on an island I saw some old snow shoes laying under some trees.  I picked them up and wanted to take them but Ron wouldn't let me.  On the last night before we left I was telling the owners of the camp about the snow shoes and they said that I should of taken them.  They were old broken ones that the native people of the area left there.   It was too late so I didn't get them.  The next summer we went to Alaska on vacation and then in 1998 we went back to Canada.  On the second or third day we were there we went past the island where 2 years before I saw the snow shoes.  I remember what the camp owner had said and asked Ron to pull up to the same spot and got out to see if they were still there and to my surprise they were right where I left them.  Of course I brought them back with me.  I can't remember how I came up with using them as towel holders/decorations but I did.

Old snow shoe towel holder.

Snow shoe towel holder.



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