Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bargain Find

My daughter Renee stopped yesterday at a Aldi store to pick up something and she found spiral sliced ham for $5 off.  She called me right away and we made plans to go today and pick some up for the freezer.  I got 5 hams for $31.53; 40 lbs; 79 cents a pound, 20 meals and a ham for Easter.  I packed 16 packs of ham steaks and 4 pkgs of the ham ends where they stop the slicing.  The Aldi's she found this at is closing next Thursday and moving to a new location.  There is also another store several miles from that one that is also closing.  The 2 stores are combining into 1 new store.  So next Thursday I will be going into town and going to both stores to see what good bargains I can find.  For those that shop at Aldi in Peoria it is the Sterling Ave and War Memorial Drive store that will be closing.

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  1. Hey! You finally got your Aldi bargan hams. I've yet to find anymore after that one time I got a bunch for $5 per years ago.