Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Crochet Purses/Bags Going to Georgia

Most of you know that I opened an Etsy store almost 4 weeks ago.  In my store I have a variety of vintage rescued items from estate sales, auctions and have my rag crocheted items.  A gentleman from Georgia saw my rag crocheted items and contacted me about 2 weeks ago asking if I would send him one of my purses so he could evaluate it for his store.  We wrote back and forth and I agreed to send it to him at a reduced price.  After looking it over he wrote and asked if I could make one with a shoulder strap so this weekend I made up 3 of them and sent him some pictures yesterday.  He  wrote back and wanted them plus 3 of the original ones.  He picked out what he wanted and paid for everything and now they are their way to Georgia.
What started out by seeing something while surfing, crocheting to rehab my hand after surgery has lead to this.
When I make the purses/bags I use ALL recycled items and a wonderful reader sent me some buttons that I have been using and some of the material I am using is from my sister-in-law Gale from Texas.  So I have items from Illinois, Texas and Pennsylvania going to a shop in Georgia.  Pretty neat.

Shoulder strap bag.

Close up of the shoulder strap purse.

One of the original style purses that went to Georgia.

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