Monday, January 21, 2013

One of Those Days

Do you have days when you are busy all day and still feel like you didn't do anything?  Well I had one of those today.  Worked on my Etsy store redoing some of the listings and did a couple loads of laundry.  Then I am either stupid or stubborn or maybe both and hung 2 loads of linens outside.  For a normal day that would be OK but it was about 8 degrees and the wind was horrible.  The stuff would freeze before I got it hung, the sheets and material would whip around and hit me.  My fingers were the only thing that about broke off.  I had on my backyard coat, earmuffs, neck scarf and gloves but my finger tips were almost froze.  When I came in I was almost in tears.  Yes I have a working dryer but after I retired I said I would not use it unless I absolutely could not hang the clothes up.
After all of that I washed the towels but hung them on my rack in the laundry room and then washed the last load of stuff we got this weekend.  The towels were dry by supper time so I took them down and hung the last load of material.  I also did some packing of orders from my Ebay stuff which I will get mailed in the morning and a few other odd things.  Busy but still feel like nothing got done.  Tomorrow I need to get pictures of stuff that need to be put on Ebay and Etsy and that will take most of the day.  I think, no I know I work harder since I retired that when I worked and Mr SLB you don't need to chime in.  :)
Brandon stayed last night because my son-in-law had surgery today.  He was up most of the night working on the below items.  He was real good and did not drive me crazy, I instead drove him crazy.  He hates it when I make him pick up after himself.
Brandon's creations.

The hauler.

The race car.

Vehicle that pulls everything.

He got cans of Coke out and placed them on the hauler and had the race car pull it and it would pull 10 can of coke which we calculated weighed  a little over 8 lbs.

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