Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Free Webinars for Small Farms or Homesteads

A couple of weeks ago a former co-worker Shaun emailed me some info on some webinars that the state of Illinois was having this year and thought I would be interested in some.  I registered for several and enjoyed the first one on Raising Broiler Turkeys on Small Farms.  I learned a lot and plan to make the Ohio Brooder that they talked about.
I emailed the gentleman about sharing this info on the blog and they said "Certainly you can mention these.  We appreciate the assistance."

The first link is where you register and the second link is the recording of the 1st one on turkeys.

Also on the first link they have the list of everything they are offering and they are free which is always very good.  They have webinars on pest control in the garden, companion planting, one on poultry and many more.

Look around their site as they have a lot of programs planned for the year that are something you can attend or log into.  You do need to register for them.
This is a wonderful way to expand your knowledge for your small farm or homestead.

The Webinar entitled Raising Broiler Turkeys on Small Farms can be accessed at:
Scroll down the page to Small Farm Webinar- Raising Broiler Turkeys

Illinois Small Farms

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  1. Unfortunately it doesn't seem that folks can watch webinars that have passed, only live.


      Yes you are able to watch past webinars. Scroll down the page until you see this section:
      It is about half way down the above page. You do have to download Blackboard and it will walk you through it. I just checked and it works.

      Small Farm Webinar- Are You Farm To School Ready?

      Small Farm Webinar- Common Garden Insect Pests

      Small Farm Webinar- Pasture Management

      Small Farm Webinar Poultry Nutrition and Health

      Small Farm Webinar- Raising Broiler Turkeys
      A session for small farm producers on many facets of raising pastured turkeys in Illinois.

      Small Farm Webinar- Raising Sheep and Goats

      Small Farm Webinar- Strawberry Production

      Small Farm Webinar-Companion Planting

      Small Farm Webinar-Forest Management

      Small Farm Webinar-Season Extension with High Tunnels
      An on-line training for using high tunnels to grow vegetables year round. Topics include growing structures, planting dates, variety selection and management.

      Small Farm Webinar-Soil Science