Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Going to be a Nice Day Today

It has been a really nice week and is going to get warmer each day as the week goes on.  So instead of hanging laundry inside I washed 2 loads this morning and just came in from hanging them out.  Still a little cold right now (36) but it will be in the high 40's today.  Got to take advantage of the nice days when we get them.  Tomorrow we have rain in the forecast but Friday we are suppose to get in the 50's.  I plan on taking sheets off the beds tomorrow and wash them Friday morning and hang them out.
I got up a little before 4, showered, did 2 loads of laundry, packed 8 orders from eBay and it is just 7:30.  I have some more stuff to add to my Etsy Store; PaulasThisandThat but don't want to overwhelm myself like I did yesterday.  It takes time to get the shelves stocked.  Going to put some of the stuff I had on eBay in the Etsy store.  It is a lot cheaper to sell on Etsy than eBay.  Well going to get busy and start stocking the shelves with some goodies.  Later.

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