Thursday, January 3, 2013

A New Year and a Clean House

The last two weeks I would clean up things as they got dirty BUT not deep clean.  Yesterday I got up early, 4:30 to get started.  I started in the kitchen and worked my way through the house.  It took me 6 long hours and when I was done it looked so nice.  Crocheting rag items messes up the house so much.  The lint from the stuff gets EVERYWHERE.  Up again early today but not as early as yesterday and decided to sit and catch up reading some posts on some blogs I follow.  
New Years day Ron and I went to an auction and I got some stuff that I will be selling on ebay.  I started sorting through some vintage patterns yesterday and now have them in my clean living room working on them.  I go through every pattern to make sure it is complete before I list it.  I have gotten my money back in entertainment just going through them.  They are so neat and I wonder did we really wear stuff like that?  Most are from the 50's.  There are several that were sent for through the mail and are still in the envelope that they were mailed in.  The postage ranges on the envelopes are 1 cent, 1 1/2 cent and 2 cents.  The patterns were offered in newspapers and you mailed 15 cents in coin to get them.  That was in the day when you could put money in the mail without worry.  
Going to make me a toasted bagel and back to working on this stuff.  Take care everyone and may each and everyone have a blessed New Year.

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  1. This sounds so interesting Paula...I'll look for them on eBay .

    Hope you're enjoying a happy and blessed 2013 thus far!

    Tracey xox