Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Re-gifted Items

My daughter Renee re-gifted some things to me and I'll take re-gifted things any day.  She sent over 11 lbs of dates, 10 lbs of hard wheat white flour, at least 10 lbs of yellow apples and a few other grocery items.  I've packaged the dates and vacuumed sealed them and will freeze some and put some in the fridge to use for breads.  The flour went in my sealed flour bucket, the apples will be dried for apple chips when the dehydrator is empty and the other items went in my cabinet.
Also she send over about 12 magazines with recipes and magazines on gardening.  After I read them I will recycle them by giving them to my son for his friend's brother who is autistic and loves magazines.  These have a lot of colorful pictures and he will like that.   
THANKS so much, the items will not go to waste and are so much appreciated anytime.


  1. We have been dehydrating sale foods, Richard has taken an interest and I'm so happy he's enjoying doing it, But I have people asking me ALL the time why we are preserving so much food, are you bein ask that and if so, what is your responce? Even my children tease me. They ALL loved the stuff I did for them at Christmas!!!Blessings, G.

    1. Haven't had really anyone ask why. I guess they see us using all the stuff we've done and know the answer. Every week we empty at least a dozen jars of stuff I canned. The fruit roll-ups went very fast and I'm almost out of the potatoes and carrot mix I canned. I'll be lucky if my beets and chili sauce make it until I can more. The only things I will not can in 2013 will be jelly and pie fillings. We haven't used as much of it as I thought.