Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bread Baking Day

I haven't baked bread since July and figured it was about time I got back to doing it.  Mixed up a batch of no knead Artisan bread and mixed up a large batch of Amish white bread both were made using left over potatoes.  The Artisan bread will be put in the fridge and an amount taken out each time we want some.  It is good in the fridge for 10 days and makes about 4 loaves.
The white bread made 4 nice loaves and I will put 2 in the freezer for later.  Brandon is coming tomorrow for the weekend and he can go through a loaf in no time at all.  He is the world's pickiest eater and when he is here he either eats what we are having or find something else to eat.  He is 14 so he is able to cook something but he is also a lot lazy and won't do it himself so he for sure will be eating sandwiches with the fresh bread.
Sure wish that I had "smell-a-blog" so you could enjoy the wonderful smell, OMG it is like heaven in here.

No knead Artisan bread.

Bread made with left over potatoes.


  1. We sure could use some fresh bread in the Tech Room...along with some butter.

    Just sayin...

  2. Bread recipe please!!!