Saturday, August 10, 2013

Canning Day

Ron and I got up early and canned the Yukon Gold potatoes I dug Monday.  We got 22 pints of potatoes, 6 quarts of what I call roast vegetable mix.  It has carrots, onions and potatoes in it and ready to add to a beef or pork roast.  I also canned 3 quarts of beef broth.  We had beef roast last night and had some broth left and when I got the roasts the other day I saved the fat I trimmed from a couple and added it to the broth along with some more water and cooked all night in the crock pot.  I strained it and canned it.  Love to add it to vegetable beef soup when I have it, gives it just a little extra flavor.
I want to do at least 18 more quarts of roast vegetable mix and about 5 more dozen pints of potatoes.  We take the potatoes, drain them, add butter and parsley and makes a nice side dish.  I've also used them to make potato salad, garlic potatoes and fried them.  They are perfect and so convenient to have.
I was so happy that I have 3 canners, 2 were going at the same time (that's all the stove will hold because they are so big) and while the first one was cooling I stuck the 3 one on the stove.  Makes for extra cleaning but saves oh so much time.

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