Friday, August 2, 2013

Gina at 8 Months

Gina stopped by today to bring some things I'll need when I start watching the baby.  I wanted to take a picture of her but she hates to have her picture taken and refused to let me.  I was determined to get a picture so when she was leaving I picked up my camera and followed her out and snapped a few shots as she was protesting me the whole time.

She refused to turn around so I got a back shot, told her I would post it because she wouldn't turn.

We can almost see the stomach.

There is the belly shot, not that big for being 1 month away from delivery (Sept 4th).

Now she is thoroughly mad at me for taking the pics.



  1. LOL. You are the worst mom and the best blogger ever.
    I suggest you sleep with one eye open.

    1. She told me the other night when we were at their house that all the pictures were good EXCEPT she was a little upset about the first one. I asked to take her picture and she refused so when I finally got the chance I told her I would post it if she didn't pose for me. And SB I am a person of my words.