Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Gina and Baby

Got a call yesterday from Gina that she was going to be the guest at our local hospital for a couple of days. She had been having some trouble with some bleeding and she is only 35 1/2 weeks.  She spent last night in Labor and Delivery hooked up to monitors and such.  The bleeding has stopped for now and she was transferred to Antepartum.  If she can go for 24 hours without any problems she gets to go home.  Any bleeding at all and the baby will be delivered right away.
Ian and I were there when they did the detailed sonogram and it was very interesting.  Eliz weights 6 lb 2 oz and has the cutest little face.  They gave Gina the first of 2 hormone shots in case she delivers early to make sure the lungs are good and developed.  The doctor and tech kept says how good Eliz was doing practicing breathing when they were doing the sonogram.  She needs to go for at least 2 more weeks so we will be praying for everything to go well.

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