Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday in Daviess County Indiana

We left bright and early this morning for our weekend trip to Indiana.  We arrived in Daviess County about 11 am and was able to check into our motel.  We brought in our stuff and set out for our day.  We ate some lunch at an Amish style restaurant, it was buffet style and I had some wonderful chicken and Ron ate some catfish and other items.  We then set out to do some sight seeing.  The Amish in this area have very nice well kept houses and property.  We stopped in an Amish variety store and when we were leaving I asked about if there were any second hand Amish stores around and to my surprise she said there was.  She drew me a map and off we went to try and find it.  It took 2 stops asking people for help with the directions but we finally found it.  I spent over 2 hours there and went through less than 1/4 of the shop.  I could have spent a whole day there but I have no idea where we would have put more stuff.  I have the whole back seat of the truck stuffed with bags of Amish and Mennonite clothes.  The young lady running the shop was very nice.  Ron talked to her and her dad while I shopped.  She said she would be willing to hold items for me if I contact her in the future if we come back down.  She also gave me the name of a shop in Arthur, Il that sells second hand Amish items.  So the next time we are in Arthur we will have to check it out.
We left there and went to Dinkies Auction and it was very disappointing.  Hardly anything there and nothing we were interested in.  When we leaving one building to go to another I wasn't watching very good where I was going and tripped on a trailer hitch, fell landing on both hands and knees.  I scuffed both palms, took some skin off of my right arm, took some skin on my right knee and have a small hole in my knee and broke the toe nail of my big toe and my toe is caked in blood.  I also did something to the muscles in my right side and I am sore.  I'm sure tomorrow will be worse.  Just what I needed to start my weekend.  Oh well it could have been worse.
The worst part was after I fell I sat there in the white rock calling for Ron to help me up who I thought was still right behind me.  He never came and I kept calling his name.  Then a very nice looking buff gentleman came along and asked if I fell and needed help getting up.  I said thanks but was waiting for my husband and I was totally embarrassed.  He said he did see me fall so I shouldn't be that embarrassed.  He started in the building and I heard him say "are you Ron, your wife has fallen and needs your help."  He told Ron he offered but I wanted him to help me.
We left the auction and then went to supper and am getting ready for bed early.  Long day and am pretty tired and sore.

Amish farm, notice the white wagon.  It holds benches for church meetings.  It must be this families turn to have services at their house this week.

Turkeys, there are a lot of Purdue turkey farms run by the Amish in the area.

Some beautiful horses at an Amish farm.

Goats resting by a tree.

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