Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday in Southern Indiana in Pictures

We went to Ferdinand Indiana today for an auction and went to see the Monastery that is there after the auction.

This is a huge place with about 250 sisters living there.

The color of the brick was beautiful.

The cemetery for the priests and sisters.  

Side entrance.

Another part of the cemetery for the priests and sisters.  

Cross in the cemetery.

There are birds nests on both sides of Jesus's head, beautiful.

Scenes coming back to the motel. 

Beautiful Amish house.

Amish farm where the ducks were in the same pen as the sheep.

Beautiful horse and nice and shiny buggy.  Most likely all cleaned up for church tomorrow.

We saw several open buggies with patio umbrellas attached to them for shade.

The scooter is bigger than the little Amish boy.

Another beautiful Amish house.

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