Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Tour of My Chickens and Turkeys for a Former Coworker

Yesterday morning one of the guys I used to work with came over with 2 of his kids to see my setup for the chickens and turkeys.  He has just published his first children's book and was thinking about getting some inspiration for another book and wanted to visit.  Shaun, Sophie and Christopher were my captive audience as I showed them around and tried to share everything I know about raising chickens and turkeys.  I'm sure at some point I was boring them but I was so eager to share my knowledge.  The only thing I miss about not working is having interaction with people on a daily basis.  My husband IS NOT a talker and neither is the grandson who lives with us, so when someone comes over I so enjoy it and NEVER shut up.  They were here for almost 2 hours and after talking outside we came in and the kids enjoyed some hot cocoa.
Sophie who is 11 was interested in seeing all my canning stuff so I was more than glad to show her my canning closet.  I also shared with her the stuff I dehydrated.  We talked about other things and then it was time they left so they could finish their Saturday chores.
Go to the link above and take a look at Shaun's first book. 


  1. We had a good time, Paula (well, CHris was a little bored at the end, but he is a 14 year old boy, so they are constantly bored, anyway.)
    Chris was very interested in the chicken coop setup. Sophie is a smart little girl and was asking questions about things on the way home.
    We appreciate the hospitality!

    1. I think I had the better time, I love sharing info and you know me from working with me that I LOVE TO TALK. :)