Thursday, January 30, 2014

More Snow in the Forecast

Looks like we will be getting more snow in the next 3 days, just what we need.  I guess there are some positives:  snow melts and fills my well, the farmers need it on their fields, I can tell if any animals have been around the yard or by the coops by looking for foot prints.  My negatives are:  I have to shovel it, we've had our share this year, the chickens won't go out in the run until I shovel them a path and I am just plain tired of it. 
Last year we were spoiled and had less than 4" for the whole winter so I guess we are making up for it this year. 
I think the worst part of this winter has been the horrible cold temps.  We haven't experienced this type of temps in over 30 years.  When it does get below zero we seem to have the horrible wind with it and that just makes it worse.  I stay nice and warm in the house but I would like to spend more time outside.  Right now all I do is go out to collect eggs several times a day so they don't freeze and to feed the chickens and turkeys.  A couple of times I did walk around the yard to pick up twigs and branches from the white pine tree.  We have a huge pile of branches we've lost from that tree this years because of the ice and wind. 
Well no matter how much I complain about it there is nothing I can do to change it.  My daughter Renee said yesterday at this point you just have to laugh when you hear snow in the forecast and I guess she is correct.


  1. I am sick of the wind,too! If it doesn't cut right through you,you can almost stand to go outside! It is a heatwave this morning..-10!! Your daughter is right..all we can do is laugh at this crazy stuff. Remember Reader's Digest "Laughter is the Best Medicine"? I am dating myself......

  2. Regarding the white pine - it is abut to the end of it's life span. Might want to start planning how that is going to come down.

    1. It's coming down one piece or more at a time. We've checked into getting it cut down and it is horribly expensive.