Thursday, January 23, 2014

Horrible Case of Cabin Fever and Old Age

The American Heritage Dictionary describes "Cabin Fever": Boredom, restlessness, or irritability that results from a lack of environmental stimulation, as from a prolonged stay in a remote, sparsely populated region or a confined indoor area.
Yep that is exactly how I feel.  I looked at the projected 10 day forecast and it doesn't look promising.  Just going out to tend to the chickens is an enjoyable part of my day right now.  I talk to them, scold them and encourage them to get out of the coop into the horribly cold weather.  I'm beginning to think they have "Coop Fever".  I have found out who the egg eater is but need to wait until it gets a little warmer to do something about it.  Someone suggested I trim her beak and I am going to try that when I go out later today.  If that works her death sentence will be commuted.  I sure hope it works because it is just to darn cold to have to butcher her.  

I also don't feel the best right now.  I went to the doctor the first of the week because I have a horrible pain on the right side of my neck.  He said it was probably a pulled muscle and prescribe a muscle relaxer.  The problem with it is it makes me tired so I only try to take a half of one during the day.  It hasn't gotten a whole lot better yet.
I have a wisdom tooth that I chipped and can't get into the dentist until next Tuesday.  They won't do anything that day, you have to have a consult with the dentist first. :(
I had a panic attack that woke me up last night so I got up and took my blood pressure like the doctor wants me to do.  I sat on the "throne" while I did it.  My BP was OK but my heart rate was 109 so I sat there for a while and I either fell asleep or passed out and woke up and took it again and it was 92.  My legs at this point had fallen asleep and when I got up I could not stand and twisted my left foot and fell against the wall.  I am positive I broke a small bone or two on the side of my foot but I refuse to go to the doctor.  It is swollen and hurts like heck but I know that the only thing they do is have you wear one of those wooden shoes and I know I wouldn't keep it on so there is no need wasting my money.
I am just an accident waiting to happen; I forgot that on Monday I was introduced to a patch of ice out by the chicken coop but am feeling much better from that fall.  Getting old is not fun sometimes.  Oh well it could be worse.


  1. Be careful on the ice! I'm in Alaska and the weather is so warm this year we have a lot of ice. Try to remember to watch where you a putting your feet (easy to say, hard to remember to do)!
    I'm glad you are posting more on your blog, I really enjoy learning about your chickens, turkeys and farm life.

    1. We visited Alaska in 1997 for 3 weeks and LOVED it. I would love to live there for 1 year to experience all of the seasons. My favorite TV show is Alaska The Last Frontier. Would love to try and live like they do. I am very careful with the ice now. At my age (62) I don't need to break any bones.