Sunday, January 12, 2014


The weekend before Christmas on a not so horribly freezing day Ron and I butchered 4 small toms to put in the freezer.  When dressed out they were all about 8 lbs and just the perfect size for the 3 of us.  Now we are down to 7 turkeys, 3 toms and 4 hens.  I though we had 2 toms and 5 hens but the other day I discovered that what I thought was a hen is a tom.  If we had know that when we butchered the others we would have done one more.
This group will be used for breeding and then late this summer after I get plenty of poults they will get butchered and start the cycle over.  All three toms are different breeds and the hens are 2 different breeds.  Don't ask me what they are because I have no idea except for one Tom who is a Bourbon Red.
So for my first year butchering turkeys we ended up butchering 6, not bad for a first timer.

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