Monday, January 6, 2014

My Horrrible Experience

We experienced the worst weather in Central Illinois than we have had in 25 years in the last 48 hours. We've had snow, horrible winds and way below zero temps.  I've went out several times today to check on the turkeys and chickens and on my second trip out I noticed the chickens couldn't get to their water because it was drifted over 18" in spots so I went in the run with the shovel (the run is only 4' high so I am stooped over the whole time). Shoveled them a path and backed my way out, about 20' and couldn't get out. The latch had fell and I was locked in the run at -9, wind chill -25. Lucky Ian was home today so I called him to come out and save me. I was properly dressed but even at that my fingers were frozen. When I came in the house I cried for over 5 minutes while trying to get them warm. I forgot to tell you I am claustrophobic!  I can tell you for sure that this will never happen again.

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