Saturday, January 25, 2014

Easy Pantry Meal

Most Friday nights we have breakfast for supper and last night was no exception.  I fried up a jar of bacon, then browned a pint of potatoes in the bacon grease.  I also added a cut up onion that was from my garden last year.  After this was all done I added 6 fresh eggs that I had beat and some cheddar cheese.  Cooked until done and a wonderful hearty meal.
I try to have eggs for supper at least once a week.  I have also made for supper omelets, fried egg sandwiches, bacon and eggs, quiche and just plain scrambled eggs.  With the abundance of eggs from my girls it is a great way to use some of them up and they are delicious and good for you.


  1. It was very good and a nice change from the meat and potato type of meal. I like to make one pot meals a couple of times a week.