Sunday, January 26, 2014

Beautiful Sunny Sunday

Wow what a difference just a few days make.  It is a beautiful day, sunny and 41 degrees out.  I didn't put on a jacket when I went out to tend to the chickens.  They are all out enjoying this nice day.  When we were shopping yesterday I picked up 2 heads of cabbage at Aldi for $1.29 each and Ron hung one of them in the run for the girls to eat.  I try and do this every couple of weeks, it gives them something to do and some good greens to eat.  It took them about 2 hours and it was gone but they had fun picking at it while it lasted.  I told them to enjoy this day because tomorrow the high will be 1 degrees, no not a typo, it will be one degrees for the high tomorrow.  Mother nature has a way of building our hopes up and then knocking us down real fast.
On this nice day I have a small hen turkey that we butchered last month baking.  I also have a nice pan of dressing in with it.  At Thanksgiving I made a huge amount of dressing and then portioned it out in containers and froze it for times like this.  We've used some already and have 2 more containers in the freezer.  After I use that up I need to make some more of the dried dressing mix that I made last year, that stuff was simply delicious and so easy to make. 

The chickens out enjoying the sunny day.

My turkeys.

The 3 males, brown one which you can only see part of and the 2 black ones.  The white one is 1 of 4 females.

Several of the chickens in the coop, the brown and white one is my favorite and she lays green eggs.

More of the girls decided they wanted their picture taken too.

Front yard, can you tell where the septic tank is?  Your correct it is the big bare circle up at the front of the house.


  1. I am jealous..41*!! We haven't been above 20* for so long now. I am in PA,abt. 20 miles from Bradford,home of Zippo lighters. I found you via the Amish cook site and I really like your blog. We do alot the same. We raise chickens and horses right now. We have butchered our turkeys and pigs. We will be getting more in the spring. I also can alot of everything. .. cook and bake from scratch. I shop at an Amish bulk store. I told you we have alot in common!!

  2. Well today it is 0 right now with a high of 1. The wind is horrible out. First thing this morning I had to go out and gather up all the stuff that had blown around.
    I am jealous of you, I wish we had more property so we could have more animals. Chickens and turkeys will be all we can raise. Don't you LOVE the Amish Bulk Food Stores. I don't know what I would do without having one close by to shop at. Take care and nice hearing from you.

    1. Yes! The Amish bulk store is my favorite. It is about 30 miles away..but we are 20 or so miles from any store(with the exception of small ones)! We have 20 acres and our sons have adjoining 30 ..tho' 14 of that is our sugar bush. If it ever warms up,it will be tree-tapping time..which I love!! By the way,we had -14 this morning..brrrrr! I best get busy. I need to do some baking and make a bucket of laundry soap today. Talk to you later!

    2. We will be coming to Pennsylvania for a week to do some site seeing and buying some Amish and Mennonite clothes for my store. We are coming in March and already have started making my plans. Can't wait, it has been about 17 years since we visited the Pennsylvania Amish.

    3. You are probably going south of here,but there's a nice Amish settlement where I shop. It is actually in Ulysses in Potter county. I am in McKean county.If you are going to be near here,let me know! Happy and safe travels!