Monday, January 13, 2014

What A Different Week

Last Monday at this time we were -18 with wind chills in the -35 range.  It is just a little after 9 AM and it is 38 degrees out, partly sunny and beautiful.  Just came in from gathering eggs and feeding everyone and did not need to put a jacket on.  Last week when I went out I would put on a jacket, 2 scarves, a face hoodie, 2 hats and gloves and was still cold.
We got a huge head of cabbage for the hens yesterday and hung it in the run so they would have something to do and also a treat.  All that is left right now is the core of the cabbage.  I need to do that more often as it is so good for them and helps pass the time so maybe they won't eat their their eggs.
I and they need to enjoy today because the weather is changing and by the end of the week the high will be only 20 degrees.  Oh well it is winter and I live in Central Ill and this is to be expected.
This is me and what I had to wear just to go out and gather eggs last week.

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