Monday, January 27, 2014

Ron's New Workshop

Ron has always wanted a separate space other than the garage for his workshop.  So when we created the storage space for all the items we sell on line we purchased a 10' X 12" already made storage building.  After we finished my storeroom Ron went to work on his shop.  He has had it about 95% complete for a while now but still has some tweaking he wants to do.  He has it set up very nice, he has a TV, DVD player and radio for entertainment and the TV is hooked up to cable.  He has a couple nice space heaters for when it is cold and a couple of fans for when it gets warm.  He likes to go out and fool around and not worry about cleaning up if he doesn't feel like it which is a lot of the time.  It is his shop and he can keep it anyway he wants to.  Below are some pictures I took of him out working and watching TV.

Ron's workshop.

Ron at his work bench.

His entertainment corner; TV, DVD player and radio.  In between the wall studs he made some nice shelves to store things. You can see some of his CDs and DVDs along with some of his tools on some of the shelves.                                                

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