Friday, January 17, 2014

My Etsy Store's One Year Anniversay

My Etsy store's one year anniversary was on 1/6/14.  I think I did very good in my first year and hope to do better this year.  I sold over 1,500 items with the majority being Amish/Mennonite clothes and second is linens.  Right now I have very few linens and this is a bad time of the year for auctions and estate sales.  I hope to pick up more soon and have been watching the auction calendar very closely for auctions.  I hope to go to Northern Indiana on an Amish shopping trip the end of February or sooner if sales start picking up of those items.  I need to find more broadfall pants for a couple of dedicated customers.  Pants are hard to find as most men wear them until they are unsaleable.  Ron only has one day left of last years vacation so we would go up on a Sunday afternoon and spent the night and get an early start shopping and get back home on Monday night.

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