Friday, July 5, 2013

I've Been Civilized

My son Ronnie is a photographer who loves to take pictures of what he calls urban exploration.  He loves to find unconventional beauty through the lens of his camera in exploring the neglected, decaying and forgotten corners of the Midwest and beyond.  He was invited to display some of his photography at a local art studio for the month of July and tonight was the opening night.
To start the evening Ron and I went out to eat with our daughter Gina, son-in-law Ali and granddaughter Hannah.  We went to one of their favorite Chinese restaurants and had a delicious meal.  Ali refused to let us pay for our meals and insisted he took care of the bill.  That was so nice of him and he has done that before.
We then went to the Speakeasy Art Center in Pekin Il, never have been to anything like this before and it was interesting.  Just people watching was interesting.  Ron had his photography on display and a friend of his Jeff had his paintings on display.  Ali fell in love with one of the paintings that Jeff had and he is going to paint one for him with a couple specific changes and additions.
You can see some of his art on Facebook under Beautiful. Broken. Ron Osborn or he can be contacted at  He does all types of photography work and is easy to work with.  Of course he is my kid and am very proud of him for all his accomplishment in his photography.

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  1. Sounds like a great experience and fun time! What mother wouldn't be proud! :) I'll have to go take a peek.