Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wisconsin Trip So Far

Yesterday morning we left home nice and early and started our road trip.  We started out in the Kingston Wisconsin area for our first Amish community.  It is really interesting to see the different area of Amish and the style of their homes.  This area the home and property are very clean and very well kept.  We even saw a log Amish home, almost all Amish homes are white and very plain so this was very interesting.

Today we headed west towards the Medford Wisconsin area where we saw a lot of Amish and a lot of Old Order Mennonite.  I was lucky to find a Mennonite lady who sells second hand clothes and picked up a lot of things for my Etsy store.
Wild turkeys in a field.

Most farms in the Kingston have green houses because of the short growing season.

The young boy driving this wagon couldn't have been 10.  Look at the little one sitting on the back.

Log Amish house.

Some young Amish girls walking down the road.

Stacks of wheat in an Amish field.

Birds we see everywhere up here, not sure what they are, maybe some type of a crane.

Gathering hay.

Area at the bulk food store for the buggies to park.

2 young boys racing through a field where adults were cutting hay.

Machine that gathers the hay or straw.

Amish cemetery.

Amish headstone.

Mennonite women going down the road.

Plowing the field.

Looks like he is returning home after work.

Talked to some of the women here, one of the families just bought this house and a group of the Amish district got together and were working on fixing the house up.  The women were getting ready to set up the meal and boy did it smell wonderful.  There were at least 75 people working and serving food. 



  1. The birds may be Sandhill Cranes

    1. We found out later that they are Sand-hill Cranes and are everywhere.

  2. You may want to check out "Sand County Almanac".
    A fellow kept track of the season on his farm in WI and condensed 30 years into one season, each month getting a chapter.