Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Horrible Cluttered Storeroom

We live in a brick ranch and don't have a basement.  Storage has always been a problem since we moved here.  We have an attached 1 stall garage and it is full and gets messy all the time and the spare bedroom is my "storeroom".  This used to be just my office and then we put in a second refrigerator because we needed more space especially with the eggs.  Then I started selling on eBay and opened an Etsy store and needed someplace to store my inventory.  No matter how hard I try that room is always a disaster.
I couldn't take it any longer and took almost everything out and reorganized the shelves labeled the boxes straightened things out and got rid of some things that haven't sold.  Ron takes things like that to someone he works with who sells the stuff at flea markets.  It looks a lot better, still crowded but now I know what box has what it in without looking everywhere and it is finally organized again.
I store my vintage canning jars in the garage and Ron organized those last week so bring on the sales we are ready.

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