Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ted and Thelma Find a New Home

Ted and Thelma went to live the rest of their lives out on a farm where they can free range all day with another turkey and lots of chickens and ducks.  Ted and Thelma were 6 and 4 1/2 and too old to butcher and the eggs have not been fertile.  I decided to save a male and 2 females from the turkeys that hatched this year for my breeding stock.  Of the 5 turkeys I have now 2 are females, 2 are males and the other is too young to tell yet.  If the unknown turns out to be a female she will also be kept as breeding stock.  So that means we will only have 1 turkey to butcher this year unless some miracle happens and the 6 turkey eggs I have in the incubator turn out to be fertile.  
Saturday we will butcher a couple old hens, I have 32 hens that range from 1 1/2 years old to 3+ years.  The older ones were rescue hens and they will be the ones we butcher.  I also have 6 pullets that should start laying this month and then we have about 30 chickens that I and Brandon hatched this year.  We will butcher all the roosters and some of the hens and save some hens to replace the ones we butcher.  My target number of laying hens is 30.  That would give me about 2 dozen eggs each day and maybe I won't have to turn away any customers.

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