Thursday, July 18, 2013

Yard Work Day

Up and outside at 8 to start the yard work, it was already 78 degrees.  By 9 I was stuck in a small ditch and had to call Ron home to get the lawn tractor out.  Its been a couple weeks since I've been stuck in the ditch so I guess I was overdue.  While waiting for Ron I got out the weed whacker and tried for 20 minutes to start it without any luck.  I hate that stupid thing.  I am in the market for a new one, one that I can start easily. Finished the mowing part about noon.  It takes me a lot of time because I bag the grass and then use the grass to put between the rows in the garden.  After the mowing I trimmed the trees in the back yard.  They have needed to be done for months now and since I am the only one who knows how to use the loppers I decided to trim them.  When your hot and dirty you might as well do everything that needs done.
After the tree trimming I took all the poultry water containers out of the cages and scrubbed them down real good, they really needed it.   Then I picked about a dozen cucumbers and a dozen tomatoes.  I also watered the garden with the hose but used water from the rain barrels to water the herbs and pine trees.
When I came in a little after 3 it was 94 degrees.  I am beat, tired, and drained and ready for bed and it is only 6 PM.

Ring around the trees from trimming them.

Pile of limbs.

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