Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tuesday Night Auction

Tuesday during the summer a town close by has an auction every Tuesday night.  Then in the fall and winter it is every Sunday morning. Sometimes they have good stuff and sometimes not so good.  We go about every week and sometimes look over the stuff and leave.  Last night they had some linens that I was interested in so we stayed.  I managed to get everything I wanted and am now just finishing washing everything.  Now I have a huge pile to iron added to the pile of vintage clothes that need ironed.  Then I need to take pictures and then post the items in my Etsy store and on eBay.  I hope to have that done by the first of next week.
I work harder in my retirement than I did my job.  This is more than an 8 hour day but it keeps me very busy.  Then at the end of September I will be keeping my new granddaughter every Tuesday and Thursday while Gina continues getting her RN degree.  Then I will be just sitting and hold the baby all the time and spoiling her rotten.  Not that she won't get spoiled rotten enough at home.  Gina 42, Ali 47, and a brother and sister at home who will be seniors in high school.  Gina already has enough stuff for more than 1 kid and will always be dressed like a little doll.  September 4th at 10 AM is the big day and I can hardly wait.


  1. Paula - I enjoy reading your blog. It's on my daily reading list but I don't often comment so I thought I'd drop in & say 'Hi'. Thanks for sharing your days with us!

    ~Taylor-Made Ranch~
    Wolfe City, Texas

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words. Have a wonderful day.