Saturday, July 20, 2013

Second Time Butchering Chickens

Up bright and early to get started on butchering 3 old hens and our first 3 broilers.  We did the broilers first and they were nice looking hens.  Dressed out they weighted 2# 8 oz, 2 # 9 oz and 2 # 8 oz.  We froze 2 whole to cooked as beer can chickens or put on the rotisserie.  For s.upper I put on on the rotisserie and it was very good.  I won't leave all the chickens whole I will cut some up.  Right now I think my only regret is going to be I wish I would have hatched more but then there is next year.
The old hens will be put in the roaster tomorrow and the meat and broth canned Monday, dressed out the hens weighted 2 # 10 oz, 2 # 12 oz and 3 # 2 oz.  This time I kept the feet for the broth.  It gives the broth a good flavor and it contains gelatin that will make the broth thick when cold.  All you have to do is to dip them in very hot water and peel the skin off and they come out so nice and clean.
Next chicken butchering will be in about 2 weeks.  We will be out of town next weekend and several need a little more time to grow.

Ron's new workstation.

Ron plucking, I had to run errands in the middle of doing this.

Me at my same old workstation, I get the fun part.  Plucking :(

The 3 broilers, 2 went into the freezer and one we had for supper.

Old hens, feet and necks from the others waiting to be cooked and canned.

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