Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday's Pictures South of Tomah Wisconsin

Catholic church with a beautiful bell tower.

Amish man hauling 2 large bales of straw.

There was a young Amish man working at an English house and had his buggy covered.

Amish plowing his field.

Large Amish farm where many family members live.

Laundry blowing in the wind.

Amish girl walking up the lane barefoot, it did not get above 60 degrees today and it was cold.

Amish man stacking straw bales.

You see this a lot around Amish homes selling maple syrup.  This is blue tubing that goes from tree to tree and then to a large vessel that collects the syrup.  I have never seen anything like this before.

A tree that has been tapped for maple syrup.

Little boy playing in the field where others were stacking straw.

Amish men stacking straw.

Huge barn with the second floor where the chickens were living.  They were sitting in the windows looking around.

There are 4 ducks here but one ducked down before I took the picture.  They almost look fake.

One of the 4 wild turkeys I spotted but they all got into the woods before Ron got their picture.

Amish man raking hay.

Unusual house for an Amish, this is a brick home and the majority live in white plain wood homes.

Buffalo farm.

A team of work horses waiting to be hitched up.

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