Sunday, July 7, 2013

Second Planting of the Garden Done

This past week I planted beets for the second time this year and also green beans.  I canned 10 pints of pickled beets and got nothing from the green beans.  The rabbits enjoyed the green beans instead.  Ms Kitty has been working on the rabbits and so far I know she has had 3 of them.  She might have gotten more but 3 is what I know for sure.  When the beans start sprouting and I see any evidence of them being eaten Ron will put up some chicken wire around the area where the green beans are.
The cucumbers are coming on really heavy now and before long I will have more than we can eat.  There are a couple very small egg plants and several small peppers so it will be a couple of weeks before we get any of that.  I love summer eating from the garden.  In the summer we eat the same things several times a month while they are in season and fresh.
My onions will need pulled soon.  Most have worked themselves out of the soil, there are some mighty nice size ones and hope they keep better than last years did.  I have red, yellow and white onions with red being my favorite.
Looks like we are heading for a week of some very hot humid days which means a chance of rain almost everyday this week.  With every weather change the girls change their egg laying, slow day today.  Some must have remembered it was Sunday and a day of rest.  Looks like we might cull our first batch of hens next weekend.  Just going to do 3 or 4 and if everything goes good we will do several hens and some broilers the following weekend.  Out of the 12 adolescent chickens I'm pretty sure there is only one rooster.  We will keep a couple pullets so we can replace several of the older hens.

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