Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Peas are Out of the Garden, Green Beans are Next

The spring peas were done so I pulled the vines and picked what I could salvage.  I gave the vines to the chickens and am dehydrating the peas to use this fall when I make mixed vegetables for soup.  Not a huge amount but I will also plant a fall batch and see how much I can get from them.  We ate creamed peas several times and buttered peas twice.  You have to eat what is in season and if that means eating a lot of one thing that's OK with me.
I will give the ground a couple days rest and will try some more green beans.  I had 2 rows in but the rabbits ate them.  I said to my husband the other day that I hoped they found something else to eat so I can have some green beans.  Well I guess Ms Kitty heard me and this morning I heard a couple thumps in the garage so I got up and carefully opened the door and there in front of the door was a small not living rabbit.  I scolded the cat picked up the rabbit and put it in the trash.  About an hour later I went out to collect eggs and there was Ms Kitty in the back yard finishing off a small rabbit.  I don't know where she is getting them and I know that is part of their nature but I hate when she kills off the wildlife.    

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