Monday, July 1, 2013

My First Error Jar

In the last 10 months or so I have purchased around 700 vintage canning jars to sell in my Etsy store and on eBay.  Today I found my first jar with an error on it.  If they made an error on a jar mold they would still use it because the cost to make a new one was too much.  As long as the error didn't affect the jar sealing it was OK.
I have a Mason Patent Nov 30 HT 1858 half gallon blue jar.  It is worth only $25 with the mistake and without about the mistake $10.  Some jars with errors are worth big money but this one is not.  Oh well at least I found a jar with an error.
I will be putting it on eBay and will see how much it goes for.  Collectors love to have jars with errors so maybe it will go for more than $25.

Mason half gallon jar with an error

Nov 30 HT

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