Sunday, October 7, 2012

Busy Cold Weekend

This weekend was the first weekend of the Spoon River Drive and we sat up our yard sale.  We had a very cold weekend with frost both mornings.   We had a fairly busy and profitable day yesterday, today was not as busy but still OK.   We will set up again next weekend and hopefully do as nice.  I'm going to use the money to purchase some more canning jars to use.  I've found some used canning jars on Craigslist and Ron and I are going after work to get them.  I will let you know tomorrow more about it.
Went tonight to Kroger and got about 30 chicken breasts that were on sale for 97 cents a pound.  I will cut the meat off the bone tomorrow morning then grind it for ground white chicken.  I will then take the bones and scraps and simmer them in the roaster to make chicken broth and then can it.  Making my own ground chicken gives me control over what goes into it.  Heavens knows what is in the stuff they sell as ground chicken at the store.  After next weekend Ron and I will thaw out the 5 whole turkey breasts we got on sale a couple weeks ago for 99 cents a lb and do the same thing with it.  We have been eating more ground chicken and turkey than ground beef.  We are completely out of ground chicken and turkey and I've been out of broth for over a month now.

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