Thursday, October 4, 2012

Seventies Today Fifties Tomorrow

It was in the 70s today and tomorrow it will be in the 50s.  The temp dropped 20 degrees in 4 hours and we have a storm coming.  I cleaned out the garden yesterday and got a 4 nice size egg plants, 3 1/2 gallon bucket of peppers, a few ripe tomatoes and a lot of green tomatoes.  My husband took some of the green tomatoes to work for some guys, I made stuffed peppers for supper and will put out the rest of the peppers at our sale this weekend.  I've dried peppers several times this year and don't need anymore.  I pulled all the plants and added them to the compost pile.  The only thing that is still in the gardens is peas.  I see a lot of pea pods on the plants but are not ready to pick yet.  Peas are a cool weather crop so I'm sure they will make it.
After canning for the last 3 months I'm ready for a little rest.  I do have a couple things on my list I want to try and can.  I want to can some white chicken chili, black beans and want to try and can some meat.  Except for bacon I've never canned just meat before and it is on my list of things to try.  At least the things on the list are not something I need to do right away.
Our local Kroger store has chicken breasts on sale for 97 cents a pound this week so I am going to get some, cut the meat off of the bone and grind it for ground chicken and then take the bones and can some chicken broth.  I like to use ground turkey or chicken to make meatloaf or hamburgers.  Chicken and turkey are both less expensive than beef and much better for you.  

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