Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Using the Items You Put Up

After the time and money spent on canning items you need to make sure you use them.  I recently got almost 100 canning jars that had to be emptied of food that was canned in the 70s and 80s.  It was interesting that someone took all that time to put up the stuff and then they didn't use it.
This past week this is how I have used several jars of items I canned; made taco soup using corn, black beans, chili beans and tomatoes.  Had potato soup using the potato soup mix I made and added a can of evaporated milk.  Beef roast and used a jar of potatoes; ham and beans and made some corn bread to go with it; bacon, fried potatoes and eggs using canned bacon and canned potatoes.  Chicken noodle soup using canned chicken broth, a pot of chili made with chili beans, tomatoes and tomato juice.  Tonight we are having meat loaf made with ground turkey, calico lima beans and squash.  Several nights a week I eat beets and pickled carrots that I canned and will open peaches for a snack.  Several of these meals also contained dehydrated items and a couple were made using convenience mixes that I have made up.  So use the stuff you can, dehydrate, mix up or freeze; don't let it go to waste.

Right side of canning closet.

Left side of closet, note the pull ring (white jar ring) to turn on the light.

Back row; l to r; shredded yukon gold potatoes, sweet potatoes, cherry tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, lemon and orange slices.  Middle row; l to r; vegetable powder, peppers, carrots, garlic, cream of mushroom soup, cream of celery soup.  Front row; l to r; cilantro, coriander seeds, tomato powder and cream of chicken soup.

Please note this is where I use those mayo type of jars.  Also this week at Aldi they have mushrooms on sale for 49 cents for 8 oz so it would be a wonderful time to dehydrate some or can some.  Hum, I've never canned mushrooms before so this might be the perfect time to do it, I usually dehydrate them. 

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