Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Canning Beans for White Chicken Chili

One of the things on my never ending list was to get the beans canned for white chicken chili.  Last night I soaked about 7 lbs of beans.  I wanted to use up all my opened bags so I used navy beans, pinto beans and great northern beans.  Rinsed them first thing this morning and added spices.  No recipe just added spices like I was making a pot of the soup.  Boiled this for 1/2 hour and then put it in quart jars and processed for 90 minutes at 11 lbs pressure.  I now have 12 qts and 1 pint & half jar of the beans.  When we get ready to eat this all I have to do is use 1 qt of beans, 1 qt of chicken broth and 1 pt of chicken.  Simmer this for 10 minutes and serve.  I could use turkey broth and turkey pieces with the beans and have white turkey chili.  Both are delicious and simple to make at a minutes notice.

Jars filled with the beans.

Added some of the broth that the beans were cooked in, left a good 1" head space.

Beans cooling.



  1. Sounds like a great plan! Thanks for posting! I should put up some too with meat in case of power outages...so nice to have on hand and a quick meal. Blessings! Nancy

  2. I've been wanting to can beans recently, but I've heard conflicting views on whether or not to cook them before putting them in the jar and canning them. I don't want them to turn to mush, but I don't want them hard either. How firm are your beans when done the way you describe above?

    1. I've made chili beans, ham and beans and the above beans and none were mush when I opened them or cooked with them. They are perfect. I want to do pork and beans next.