Monday, October 8, 2012

Canning Jars, Lots of Canning Jars

Someone answered my ad I had on CraigsList that I posted that said I was looking for canning jars and we went out to pick them up.  I have enough jars to last me forever now.  If my daughters need some they can get them from me.  Almost all the approximately 600 jars are quarts.  I only paid $140 for all the jars and at about $3 a dozen that's pretty good.  There are 17 old blue Ball jars that I will use for storage items.
The house where we got the stuff is going to be sold and they are having an auction the end of the month.  We will watch for the auction and go to see all what else is in this huge old house.  The property was his parents and both have died.  They are moving to the Ozarks or they plan to when they sell the property.  They have turkeys and chickens that they will also sell and I asked them to let me know if and when they get ready to sell them.  Several of the chickens were silkies and Brandon wanted a silkie so I will let him know if they call me.  The turkeys were huge and were just hatched in April and the hens were just starting to lay.  Oh how I want some turkeys, will wait and see what happens.


  1. Hi Paula! I found your blog a few weeks ago looking for some info on the Amish bakery/bulk store and have enjoyed reading it every day since. :)

    I am not too far from the Amish store now (renting) and we are looking for a house in the area. Do you know where this house is or who is doing the auction/sale? I am always on the lookout for new places on the market that might fit what we are looking for.

    You also caught my eye when you mentioned the Amish dairy. Is that near the bulk store? I know of a few places about an hour away and more down near Arcola, but with gas what is is I'm having a hard time justifying the drive. But if there's one close.... :)

    Anyhow, just wanted to say hi and thanks for sharing. I enjoy reading!

    1. Amish school, then the dairy and then the bakery/bulk food store.

      House is on the outskirts of Pekin/Manito.