Wednesday, October 24, 2012

For Sure the Last Day of Canning for a While

Today was my last day of canning for a while; I canned 5 pts of calico lima beans and 11 pints of lg lima/butter beans.  I now need to give the stove a good cleaning and put up the canner after I give it a good cleaning.  I have a week to do the noodles and pasta and will do both on the same day.  When I make noodles/pasta I use a couple dozen of eggs and it takes me most of the day to do it.  The kitchen after noodles/pasta is always a flour mess.  For sure next Wednesday or before I need to do a deep cleaning on the entire house and will take about a half a day to do.
Had a doctor appt today for my physical before the surgery and then off to the hospital for blood work and an EKG.  This all made for a lot of sitting and waiting this afternoon and that is not my favorite thing to do.  I took my Kindle with me to help pass the time and that helped.
Sure enjoyed the nice warm day today, tomorrow we have a 90% chance of rain and then Friday it is going to be only 50.  I looked at the extended forecast and it looks like fall is finally here to stay :(


  1. I am curious how you do your noodles.
    You sound like you have been so busy. I love all the canning tips you have. I bet your larder is bursting at the seams.

    I don't know what surgery you are having but good luck.

    1. I just did a post on the noodles. Yes my canning closet is overflowing and have had to put some stuff another place.
      I am having the basal joint in my left had replaced. I had it done to ,my right hand 3 years ago and am not looking forward to having it done. Either surgery or the pain, have had all the cortisone shots that they will give me.

  2. Hi Paula,
    I found your blog on the Barn Hop and am just amazed at all the canning you have done--good for you! You are quite the inspiration!!!
    I am just starting to get involved in preserving food, and I hope to do my first canning before winter. I have some apples that I am planning on making apple pie filling. I will be referring back to your page as I can see that I could certainly learn a lot from you.
    I hope all goes well with your surgery.

    1. Canning can be addictive and that is a good addiction. The joy of learning something new and to be able to control what goes into the food you eat is wonderful. Thanks and good luck on the canning.