Friday, October 12, 2012

Grannies Escort Service, Delivery Service

Hannah the 16 yr old granddaughter got hit in the face in gym on Wednesday and cracked her back tooth.  She wasn't able to get in to see someone until this morning and Gina had to work so I took her to the dentist.  She can either have a root canal with a cap or pull it.  Since it is a very back tooth and the huge cost difference Gina went with the extraction, good choice.  The root of the tooth is curved so she will need to see an oral surgeon on Monday.  Gina also works on Monday but the oral surgeon WILL NOT do anything unless her parent brings her.  Not a step father, grandparent or any other relative.  She was calling back to talk to the office manager to see what else can be done.  Last month I took her to the eye doctor and no problems, the dentist knew I was her grandmother and no problem.  Sometime I just don't understand, all I am doing is driving her to and from the oral surgeon.  Crazy.....


  1. I suggest looking up what escort service means...

    1. I know what it means and can mean. In my world it means:
      transport or accompany
      person who serves others
      go or be with someone
      protection; accompaniment