Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Canning Black Beans and Calico Lima Beans

Every time I can something else I say this is it for the season.  Today I canned black beans and calico lima beans.  I got 10 qts of the black beans which I will use in taco soup and Mexican dishes and the 4 pts of  lima beans for a side dish for a meal.  Having the beans canned up makes it so convenient to throw a meal together.   The only thing I hate about canning all day is I can't get outside to do anything.  On canning days I bring my laptop in the kitchen to help pass my down time.  Then if I still have something in the canner when Ron gets home from work I ask him to "baby sit" the canner so I can go out to collect eggs and usually take the laundry off the line.  I have to get outside a couple times a day even if it is just to take a short walk around the property; I call it my checking to see if there is anything new walk.
It was a cool sunny day and a wonderful day for drying the laundry.  I love to watch the clothes blowing on the line and the smell is something you can never get from a fabric softener.

Soaked and precooked black beans then boiling water to 1" head space.

Can you identify this?  This is some dehydrated sweet potatoes that I dried last November.  All I do is put several pieces in a small sauce pan, add water and simmer for about 30 minutes.  I then add a little butter and brown sugar and you have fresh mashed sweet potatoes.   We are having these along with some brisket that has been slowly cooking in the oven since noon.



  1. You've been busy! Those sweet potato's sound good. I want to try my hand at dehydrating potato's again this year. For me it's easier to store them dried then canned

  2. You've inspired again! I freeze my precooked beans but want to try canning them next...and the sweet potatoes are so clever!!! Thanks so much Paula.