Thursday, October 18, 2012

Checking Pie Crust off of my To Do List

Today I made pie crusts, lots of pie crusts.  I started out by mixing up 5 batches of crusts, 4 batches I used lard that I had rendered this spring and the 5th I used shortening.  After mixing up all the batches I put them in the fridge to rest before the long task of rolling them out.  I ended up with 14 double crusts, 4 single crusts and 4 small double crusts.  Two of the double crusts are made with shortening and the rest lard.  I package the crusts in zip lock bags and put one double crust per bag and the single crusts have 2 in each bag.  I have a couple bags of single crusts already in the freezer so these should last until next fall except for the small crusts.  I will need to make more of that size if I make some potpies.  Doing this many at one time makes for a back breaking day but I would rather make one big mess than several throughout the year.
After making the crusts I made a pot of chicken a la king and baking powder biscuits for supper.  We haven't had this in several months and it was very good.  There is enough leftover to freeze for another meal which will come in handy when I have surgery.

Roll the pie crust on the rolling pin and then transfer it to the pan.

The edger/cutter.

I turn a pan upside down and use it to cut the top crust.  I just cut it about 1/2" larger all away around.

4 single crusts, 14 double crusts and 4 small double crusts.  The top crust is wrapped in plastic wrap then laid on top of the bottom crust.


  1. Very smart. I like your idea of making a batch of pie crusts and freezing them. I make individual Finnish meat pies-- called pasties. I might use your idea and make a large batch of pastry to have ready in the freezer.

    1. I would rather make a huge mess once instead of several times. I used one tonight for our supper of ham quiche.
      I've heard of pasties but never have tried them. I looked at the recipe on your site and it looks mighty good. I am going to put them on my list of things to try.