Monday, October 8, 2012

Making Ground White Meat Chicken

First thing this morning I cut the chicken breasts from the bone, returned it to the fridge to make sure it was nice and cold before grinding it.  The chicken breasts were very large so it made it really easy to cut the meat from the bones, I used a good knife and my poultry scissors.   As I cut the meat off of the bone I threw the bones and scraps in the roaster, added water and spices and it is simmering.  I will turn it off about 3, strain it and put it in the fridge to cool down.  If there is any fat it will solidify by morning and I will remove it and then can the broth; I'm guessing I'll get around 8 qts.  The ground chicken resulted in 21 lbs and that makes it $1.42 a lb, not bad.  I made myself a nice fresh ground chicken patty for lunch and it is delicious.  No additives, bones or gristle; just ground chicken.  I do grind the skin with mine to give it added flavor and texture but that is up to you.

Everything ready to remove the bones.

Grinding the chicken, LOVE my Kitchen-Aid and the attachments.

Ready to bag the ground chicken; the roaster in the background simmering the bones for the broth.

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