Friday, October 19, 2012

Look What I Found FREE on CraigsList

More details tomorrow.  Bourbon red turkeys, tom is 4 yrs old, hen 3 yrs old and 3 18 month old speckled hens (chickens) that lay brown eggs.


  1. Oh, I LOVE the new photo header! So fresh and homey!
    Wow, the chooks look great and what a wonderful score! Good for you!

    1. Thanks,I thought I would put some of my blue jars on the sill and give it a different look.

  2. What a beautiful blog you have. I found you through Homestead Revival and am a new follower. I love this post and hope you will come share at our weekly Farm Girl Blog Fest. Lisa/Fresh Eggs Daily

  3. I am retard i am interest in raising chicken I like to have1 rooster
    and 2 hens

    I like to have fresh egg daily

  4. my q. how I can get them and when?