Saturday, October 20, 2012

Turkeys and 3 Brown Speckled Sussex Hens

Yesterday afternoon I was looking on craigslist to see what they had and saw an ad for 2 free turkeys and 3 hens.  I first mapped the community to see how far it was from our house and it was about 1/2 hour.  Next thing I decided to just call and get more info on them.  After talking to the gentleman I asked if we could see them this morning and he said sure but we were the second person who called and the other lady was also coming today.  I then asked if we could see them last night and he said yes and gave me exact directions to their farm.  Ron loaded our portable cage in the truck and off we went.  The owner came out and Ron drove the truck back to where the pen was.   The reason they were getting rid of the turkeys was that they had bought them for their grandson and he lost interest in them and was not taking good care of them.  The only reason there were 3 chickens was someone came last week to get the chickens but came when it was dark out and did not bring a flashlight and they thought they got them all but the next morning that there were still 3 hens.  The hens are Brown Speckled Sussex and are almost 1 1/2 years old and lay nice brown eggs.  The Bourbon Red Heritage turkeys know how to breed, set and brood.  They will lay 15 to 25 eggs in the spring and again in early summer.  I want them so I can raise our own turkey meat.  If all goes well we should  have our first turkey to butcher next fall.
I've been wanting to get turkeys for a while and just couldn't justify the cost and this way if it doesn't work out the only cost will possibly be their food.  Our 22 hens sell enough eggs to pay for their feed and should be able to pay for the turkeys feed.

Ted the turkey, 4 yrs old.

Ted walking around so proud.

Thelma , 3 yrs old and the 3 Sussex hens.

Thelma, Ted and the 3 Sussex hens.

The 3 Sussex hens, I noticed the one on the right limping around this morning.  Ron caught her and she had a piece of fishing line tangled around her leg and it was pretty tight around one of her toes and it has turned black.  After we took it off she seemed a little better.  We will keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't get infected.  It looked like it had been on it for quite a while.  It's a shame people don't pay attention to their animals better. 


  1. How wonderful! Look at you and all you've gained this season! At this rate you'll have a nice flock of turkeys for the freezer and breeding

    1. I do pat myself on the back once in a while. I say I am amazed at all I have been able to do and how good it tastes.
      You are one of the most complimentary followers, thanks for all the pats on the back.