Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ground Turkey and Canned Turkey Broth

Last night Ron and I cut all the meat we could from 5 whole turkey breasts we got last month.  I put the meat in the fridge for the night and all the bones and scraps in the roaster along with some seasoning and simmered it all night.  This morning we ground the meat packaged it, strained the broth, canned it and Ron picked through the bones and got some very small pieces of meat.
Stats:  $38, 38 pounds, 24.2 lbs ground turkey, 12 qts of turkey broth and 3 pts of turkey scraps.

The ground turkey breasts waiting to be packaged.  I put plastic wrap over the scale to keep it clean.


  1. I have just spent hours wandering around your blog. Found you on the HOmestead Revival Blog Hop. Totally love all the canning you do and the recipes you've shared.
    I'm waiting for my canned chicken to seal and am processing potatoes right now.
    I wondered how you use your pumpkin for pies or cookies. Drain and smash?
    I have frozen some Hopi Pale Grey squash in 2 cup batches so I can have them for cookies. I would love having canned so much better.

    1. I made cookies, added some to hot oatmeal for my breakfast and my daughter has used it to make muffins. I will be using it to make pie. All I do is drain it and mashed it with a fork when I put it in the oatmeal and used my Kitchen-Aid when I made cookies.
      Canned my first meat today and I think I am hooked!